Posted on juillet 14, 2020 in New Music

Mathieu Koss and multi Grammy winning singer and songwriter Ziggy Marley have joined forces for their brand new single ‘Home’.

Home is a personal story of Mathieu Koss. As an artist, composer and producer, he always has the intention to create new melodies, sounds, hooks and vibes that are appealing and catchy, but he also spends a lot of time on theme and words. He tries to connect to people and share his thoughts and emotions, which can be both personal and universal.

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Mathieu Koss explains his personal feelings about this song: “A few years ago I decided to quit my normal life and leave for a very beautiful country called Australia. I’ve spent a year in Bondi Beach where I was a chef of one the coolest restaurant on Bondi Road. This city inspired me so much so I’ve called that place HOME for a year. I’ve got so many good memories out there. After this year living a life in a paradise the call of HOME came back: I was missing my family and friends.

This song is about that feeling. We have all been away from HOME for a moment in our life but in the end we all come back.”

Watch the official lyric video here:

Mathieu Koss felt very excited that Ziggy Marley confirmed his contribution, knowing that his voice would add a deeper emotion to this song.

During the last months we’ve all experienced how important a ‘HOME’ is. Your HOME is a place where you feel fine and safe but you can also long for other places that feel as your HOME. Since we have been stuck to our houses for months, it now feels as a relief to dream again about places to go where you feel great and can accomplish your dreams.

This universal feeling was